"Our Passion is to save lives"

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First Aid Training  

We can provide on site real life training for any business, if you have trained first aiders. Sometimes they never get to deal with injuries which is a good thing but can also make for a skill fade, our trainers will come to you or you can come to us and we will do a complete day of hands on refresher training, using our equipment and special effects we can create real looking injuries and plenty of fake blood. This is also a great team building day and can be good fun.

Our trainers have a lot of front line experience, which in turn can give a real learning credit to anyone. with our training days we make them fun but interesting, and a lot can be learnt by attending. 

We provide either on site or at your venue 

  • Training Manikins including adult, infant and baby 
  • Training Automatic External Defibrillators
  • Training packs - First aid grab bags with bandages, slings etc   
  • Tea and Coffee, sandwich buffet 
  • Casualty's  or get the family involved can be great fun
  • Our SFX make up artist and loads and loads of fake blood 
  • Plenty of Props such as missing arms etc  
  • Mock up RTC, Bike crash, scaffolding accidents, etc 
  • Advice and guidance   

A sample of a training day 

0900 - Tea Coffee Meet & Greet 

0920 - Safety brief and outline of the day 

0930 - Start training minor injuries such as cuts, broken leg, etc 

1000- Break time 

1030 - Training - breathing problems etc 

1200 - Lunch 

1300 - more injuries but with loads more blood. 

1500 - Break 

1530 - Major and multiple injuries 

1600 - Debrief 

We can tailor the whole training day to suit your requirements, we can also have the benefit  of proving a ambulance and to give your staff a chance to work with our crews so they know what to expect. We dont sit in a class room reading power-points all the training is hands on with fake wounds and real equipment. 

Please do contact us for more information or for a price.  

 [email protected] for more information 

Our crews Training 


Spine management 

Our crew training day, spinal injuries 


To get the best from training we like to make it has real as we can for our teams.